Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I changed the title and description of this blog to better reflect what I now am...a nurse! I'll get to officially claim the RN title after passing boards later this summer. 

Something kind of neat that happened recently. I found a link online to a group of women who have something in common with me...they are married to men with cystic fibrosis! You have absolutely no idea what kind of an impact this has on me. I have been married almost 13 years and I always had the feeling that I was very, very alone. After all, CFers are not supposed to be adults with spouses and lives! I have, in 13 years, never met another person who was married to someone with CF. I have only heard of 2 in Missouri, and we've never had the pleasure. Truly, there is not another soul who can exactly grasp the ins-and-outs of what it is like to live a day-to-day life as a spouse to someone with CF unless it is another CF wife. I was astonished to see that this group had 85+ members (all across the world)!! What a blessing it has been, and in such a short time I have learned so much and my world has gotten so much bigger!

If you are a CF wife who is stumbling across my blog and would like to join this group, please send me a message and I'll get you involved. It is a wonderful group of ladies!

Here are two more great CF links if you are interested:



  1. Powerful! I too, know the aloneness of not knowing anyone in the same life situation. I can imagine how wonderful your new connection feels.

  2. Congratulations on your many recent accomplishments, as well as your already long-standing marriage. I'm getting married in July, at the "ripe old age of 32" myself, and it's quite an adventure on my horizon!

  3. I have a good friend with 2 adult daughters with CF, married, one of whom was to have twins yesterday.

  4. Hello! The internet world of CF is small enough that I may have heard of her! Congratulations to her. CF is just one of those conditions that is being treated less like a scary, terminal illness, and more like a chronic issue, in many cases. And for this, I am extremely grateful. The cystic fibrosis foundation has funded some amazing research that has really improved the quality of life for CFers. It's a good thing!