Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Still here!

Yes, this blog still exists!!!

Thanks for checking back in with me. :-) I temporarily disabled things while I finished up nursing school and secured a position as a nurse in a hospital.

Today is my last day of anything to do with getting my BSN degree, and then I graduate later this week! It's an exciting time.

Later this month, I'll begin my new job as a med-surg nurse working in an orthopedic-neurological setting. Obviously with privacy issues I'll have to be mindful of what gets posted on the internet. But I can't wait to get started on the job!

This summer, I'll take my board exams and get started on my Master's program.

That's all the updates for now, but since things are settling down, I should be able to get this blog back up and running. :-)


  1. And now you have to revamp your blog heading -- you are no longer a future RN, nor are you a nursing student! Congrats!